Ambulances never take the night off. Your community depends on you and your ambulance and your vehicles always need to be performing at their best. We provide quality maintenance services to all ambulances and offer plans that suit your department's needs. With our maintenance program, we know the history of your vehicle which can help us save you money. Once you are signed up, you receive 10% off parts and 10% off labor.

With Mobile Service, our trucks are operating from two locations. This allows us to quickly provide you with a mobile service no matter where you are. Through our mobile service, we are able to repair your out-of-serivce vehicles as well as provide installation, preventative maintenance and repairs.

    When you use our Mobile Service, you can be sure of:
    • EVT certified technicians
    • Daily check-off list for each crew
    • Costly downtime is minimized
    • Aid in helping you prioritize and schedule services
    • 10% discount off parts
    • 10% discount off labor
Click here for more information about additional service centers.

    Our In-House Service also include:
    • 12,000 lb hydraulic lift
    • MIG and TIG welders
    • 10 ton break press
    • Airconditioning recovery machine
    • Computerized Break Press
    • Computerized Metal Sheer
At SSV, we stand behind our work with pride and accountability offering you

dependable service for the vehicle your community depends on most!



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